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New Bedford Farm Share

What is a Farm Share or CSA?

A Farm Share or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a partnership between the farm and its customers. If you choose to join, you will receive a share of the harvest, consisting of 20 weeks of fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs grown at the farm without chemicals. By becoming a member you will gain an intimate connection to the land, knowing where your food comes from and exactly how it is grown. The farmers benefit by knowing how many people to grow vegetables for, and being able to focus on growing delicious vegetables. Farm Share members share the bounty and risks associated with farming while supporting a farm dedicated to providing high quality produce for its members.


How does it work?

Each week you will receive a selection of the freshest, in-season vegetables, greens, herbs, and fruits (watermelon, melons, and strawberries when in season). Each week we offer 7-10 different items (an item can be a head of lettuce, or a couple pounds of potatoes, or a bunch of carrots, etc.), and you get to choose 4 different items (small share) or 7 different items (regular share) each week. The small share is good for 1-2 people and the regular share has enough produce to feed a family of 2 to 4 people, depending on how many veggies you eat at each meal.


Are your veggies organic?

We are not certified organic, but we do NOT use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. We also don't grow any genetically modified plants (GMOs). We practice nutrient dense farming, which means we work on balancing minerals in the soil to what the plants need and believe that healthy soils grow healthy plants. We use compost, cover crops, natural occurring minerals and organic fertilizers to nourish our plants. We limit pest damage by using row covers, rotational planting, and removing some pests by hand. We use a small cultivating tractor to keep weeds in check, but we also do a lot of hoeing and hand weeding!


Do I need to contribute work as part of my share?

No. We do not require a work commitment from our members. If you would like to help with a harvest or other farm activities we would be happy to get your help.


Cost of the share and Discounts for low-income families? 

The small share costs $12/week or $240 for the full 20 week season. The regular share costs $20/week or $400 for the full 20 week season. 

For qualified individuals and families, we offer a deep discount on the farm share. The low-cost share is $6/week for a small share and $10/week for a regular share, for the same amount of produce! These discounts are due to generous grants from Project Bread (Greater New Bedford Community Health Center Farm Share) and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (Bay Village Farm Share), 

To apply for a low cost share at the Wellness Connection at the Greater New Bedford Community Health Center, please contact Rebecca Levasseur at (508)992-6553 ext. 218 for an application.  

To apply for a low cost share at Bay Village, please contact Esperanza Alejandro-Berube at the Bay Village Office.

To sign-up for a full cost share at either site, contact Susan at Apponagansett Farm for a sign-up sheet (


What payment options do you have?

We have several payment options:

If you qualify for a low cost share, you can pay on a monthly basis. Monthly payments are $24 (small share) or $40 (regular share) and are due at the beginning of the month. If you are not able to continue with the Farm Share, you can stop at anytime, but there are no refunds for payments already made. If you do choose to discontinue with the farm share program, it is very important that you let us know as soon as possible so we can give your spot to someone else.  

Payment methods accepted: cash and EBT/SNAP*

*If you pay with your SNAP benefits, you can choose to have your Farm Share payment automatically withdrawn from your account the day you receive your benefits. No need to remember to bring you EBT card each month and no need to worry about having enough benefits to cover your Farm Share.


When and where is it?

The Farm Share starts in mid-June and goes through the end of October (20 weeks). We have two different pick-up locations you can choose from:

Wednesdays from 5-7pm at Bay Village (242 Acushnet Ave, New Bedford). 

Thursdays from 3-5 pm at The Wellness Connection at the Greater New Bedford Community Health Center (838 Purchase St., New Bedford).  


If for some reason you can't make your regular pick-up, you can have a friend, co-worker, or family member pick up for you or sometimes we can make other arrangements if you contact us in advance.


What are the benefits of joining the Farm Share?

The Farm Share is good value for your money. Across the season you can expect to get an additional 15% worth of produce for free. If you qualify for a low cost share you get more than 50% worth of produce for free! During the summer, when we have an abundance, your share will reflect that abundance. You get food that is ultra-fresh, picked and washed that day. We grow all of the veggies, so you know exactly where your food is coming from. Peace of mind knowing that your food is free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and GMOs. You get to connect with your local farmer and learn about our growing practices. As a farm member, you can come visit the farm: you can use our pick-your-own garden (which has cherry tomatoes, herbs, and flowers growing in it) and also see the various farm residents (chickens, guinea fowl, geese, horses and sheep). You get to try new vegetables (some that you might not have heard of or been able to find in the grocery store) and new recipes. You get a weekly newsletter that tells you what is happening on the farm and gives you some recipes for the vegetables in your box. Farm Share members are our priority and receive a wider selection of vegetables than we offer at farmers markets and through our farm stand.


How do I join?

If you are paying full cost for your share, please contact Susan ( for a sign-up form.

If you are applying for a low cost share at the Wellness Connection at the GNBCHC, please contact Rebecca Levasseur at the GNBCHC for an application: (508) 992-6553 Ext. 218.

If you are applying for a low cost share at at Bay Village, please contact Esperanza Alejandro-Berube at the Bay Village Office (242 Acushnet Ave, New Bedford).


Still have questions?

Please feel free to call (774-400-7277) or email ( Susan.


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