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Posted 6/10/2012 6:52am by Tony Wood.

Last Thursday was the first Downtown Fall River Farmers Market on Old Second Street. The market runs for 15 more weeks, every Thursday from 10am - 2pm. All of our produce is grown by us without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. We also have Massachusetts maple syrup from Holiday Brook Farm, Dalton MA. This syrup is the real deal and a local source of sugar we use in everything!


Posted 6/9/2012 7:06pm by Tony Wood.

We now sell pasture raised chicken eggs from Copicut Farms in North Dartmouth. Pasture rasied birds produce eggs with great flavor and a brighter yellow yolk. Copicut Farms is another new farm in the area and in addition to the eggs they also do pastured meat birds and have their first batch in the freezer now. We hope to have their chicken available in our farm store soon.

Merrylegs Farm has pasture raised duck eggs for sale at the farm store. Duck eggs are bigger than your average chicken egg and have a richer flavor.

Chicken eggs are $5 a dozen. Duck eggs are $6.50 a dozen or $3.25 a half dozen.

Posted 5/22/2012 11:14am by Tony Wood.

This week is serious planting. We already have most of the cherry tomatoes and sweet peppers in the field at the Merrylegs location (and the hoophouse is totally planted with heirloom tomatoes and eggplant). However, we have almost a 1000 more tomatoes to plant at the Aries Farm location, plus all the summer squash, cucumbers, melons and more peppers. Busy week!

Yesterday we planted 900 cabbage (both summer and storage types) - see pictures. To the left of them you may notice the potatoes are up and looking great.

The first weekend of the plant sale was great - thank you to everyone who came. The sale continues this Memorial weekend and the farm store will be open with a selection of the first harvests from the field.

Lots of cabbage - green and red


Potatoes coming up nicely

Plenty more space for everything else...

Posted 5/6/2012 8:12pm by Tony Wood.

This weekend was hoophouse time. We were going to purchase a complete hoophouse kit that you just need to construct, but after thinking about it and looking at the plans on we decided to make our own hoophouse from scratch. The end result was a 80 foot hoophouse. Yesterday we finished bending the hoops (which start life as the top rail of a chain link fence - which you can buy from your favorite home improvement store) using a hoop bender also sold through johnnys seeds, and today we put on the plastic. 

The hoophouse will be the perfect place for some of our tomatoes and all our eggplant, which we find always do better in the controlled environment of a hoophouse - and if we have a wet summer (not looking that likely at the moment) and resulting bad tomato late blight, the plants in the hoophouse will last longer than those in the field. In the winter we will plant hardy greens in the hoophouse and therefore have fresh produce through the winter.

Each bow is made of two 10 1/2 feet pieces, connected at the top. This creates a 12 feet wide by 6 1/2 feet high hoop. Each bow is set five feet from the next, attached to ground posts.

Plastic on. We will open up the ends in the summer - its going to get hot in there! We will get to plant tomatoes next week!

Posted 5/3/2012 12:02pm by Tony Wood.

This past Sunday the sheep flock we are to manage at Aries Farm on Smith Neck Road were sheared. A total of 24 adults were sheared. They should now be more comfortable over the summer (although a bit chilly for the first couple days)!. Today Susan and I sorted and cleaned these fleeces and some additional fleeces given to us from local farms sheared on the same day - many thanks to David, Bob and Jeff the Shearer!

We plan on sending the fleeces to Green Mountain Spinnery in Vermont and getting natural color (both white and colored (black/brown/silver) yarn to sell at our farm store on Elm Street. We will keep you posted...


Sheep always look funny when freshly sheared


I rest my case

Posted 4/21/2012 1:09pm by Tony Wood.

We have just finished planting all our seed potatoes - 12 different varieties (some are early, some mid, some late and some best for storage over the winter). We ended up with six 480 foot long beds at our 3 acre field at Aries Farm on Smith Neck Road - thats over half a mile of potatoes! In the future we hope to get a hiller for the tractor, but this time we hilled old school - with a rake.

We may well ask for volunteers to help with a 'Big Dig' of potatoes sometime in September.



Posted 4/19/2012 7:35pm by Tony Wood.

We are having a plant sale on the 19th and 20th May, and again on the 26th, 27th and 28th May. All plants we have started from seed. There will be a wide selection of heirloom tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, eggplant, summer squash, cucumbers, lots of greens such as chard, kale and cabbage and herbs including three different basil.

With the warmer than average spring we have plants ready (or soon to be ready) if you are interested in planting your own garden before our official plant sale. Email or call us to arrange a time to drop by the farm and see what plants we have.

Tomatoes - a bit bigger than when i last took a picture

A selection of other plants


Posted 4/14/2012 7:17pm by Tony Wood.

Step 1: Use your SUV as a farm vehicle for getting transplants out to the field.

Step 2: Place 6 month old within reach of said transplants (her reach is getting further everyday)!

Step 3: Be thankful to be organic farmers and its just potting mix and cabbage! Amelia starting solid food the farmer way!

Posted 4/12/2012 2:59pm by Tony Wood.

Field preparation is mostly complete at both farm locations, and the broccoli starts look so great we decided to get them planted in the field (the forecast of rain made this a no-brainer). We transplanted three 150 foot beds of broccoli, over 900 plants - we hope you like broccoli (we love it)!

In the next few days the kale, leeks, onions, head lettuce, chinese cabbage and spinach will get transplanted into the field. We also just recieved our seed potatoes (over 400lbs of many different types/colors) so again, we hope you like potatoes!


900 broccoli plants!


Susan planting broccoli


Posted 3/20/2012 5:34pm by Tony Wood.

OK, i know we have a way to go until we can offically call it summer, but the first of our tomatoes and peppers have germinated (this first planting will be for sale at our plant sale in May) and with all the warm weather we've been having it sure feels closer than it should!

A tease maybe, but all tomatoes have to start somewhere.

Its not just tomatoes that we have started. Here are our spring broccoli. We have also started our leeks, early cabbage and chinese cabbage (yum), beets, head lettuce, celeriac, celery, kale and spinach.

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