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GMO-free Eggs!!

Posted 5/26/2014 2:33pm by Susan Murray.

We got our new laying hens at the beginning of May, and they are a gorgeous group of ladies. We are very excited to announce that we have switched to a GMO-free feed for the new girls. So in addition to spending the day eating grass and bugs, the grain they are eating contains GMO-free corn and soybeans in addition to other grains and supplements which are mostly organic. We have been wanting to make this change for as long as we have had chickens, but GMO-free feed has been hard to get. The GMO-free feed is more expensive, so we have raised the price of our eggs to $6/dozen. We feel that the health benefits to the chickens and egg eaters alike outweighs the increased costs. We are still working on sourcing a chicken feed that is 100% organic and not cost prohibitive. Our GMO-free eggs will be available in our farm stand at the beginning of June.

our new chickens                      Amelia feeding our new chickens GMO-free grain


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